Jason Dodds founded DFourInc

Jason Dodds founded DFourInc at the end of 2012, with the goal of providing top-notch services to the AEC community with a focus on construction and the ecosystem of the built environment. The team at DFourInc has years of AEC project experience, software sales, marketing and providing business solutions under our belt. While our core focus revolves around understanding how a company operates, investigating business processes alignment, and creating long-term solutions, we have the expertise to be a part of your extended team and add value in many different areas. We specialize in construction services, iConstruct sales and training\implementation, QTO and Navisworks training/implementation, event marketing and business processes analysis.

Our services and technology offerings are meant to be an addition to your business, where we work together as partners. Read on to discover the valuable service offerings we can add into your organization to help you bring additional, maximize technology, help to improve your business efficiency through a long term partnership.








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