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iConstruct250 iConstruct’s powerful Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology is creating a revolution in design and construction. In collaboration with Autodesk Navisworks, iConstruct allows information stored in BIM models and project management systems to be extracted, organized and integrated into one intelligent, multi-layered virtual model. iConstruct models transform a 3D visual with the critical 4th and 5th dimensions of time and cost. This means greater accuracy, powerful reporting, lower costs and scheduling benefits across any construction project. iConstruct is available in three different versions to support your business needs; iConstruct, iConstruct Lite and iConstruct Clash Management Suite

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Check out http://www.iconstruct.com/about/what_is_iconstruct to see how iConstruct can help improve your construction workflows and improve efficiency.

Read below for a brief over view of additional features of iConstruct:

Data Management
iConstruct’s data management and reporting tools are at the core of the iConstruct’s capabilities. Together, these tools consolidate data from Navisworks® models and external data sources to generate a standardized data platform to power and enhance your BIM.

This tool overcomes the data management challenges of working with varying design platforms and standards by enabling the consolidation of data from all models, both native
and external. It has a cleaner, simpler display to improve communication to project stakeholders
and can support the delivery of models to project standards through the renaming and standardization of property fields.

Establishes a live link to external data sources such as Excel®, Access® and ODBC, so that models are updated in real time with the latest information. This capability is further strengthened with the Append Data tool’s user-friendly interface which gives project stakeholders the power to add and modify properties on the fly. Users can apply colors and transparency to elements as they are updated to help with tracking of changes.

Export Data
Facilitates quick data extraction from models and presents the information in various formats including Excel®, Access® and PDF, while Report Writer produces more sophisticated formats, calculations and charts to truly harness the value of the data rich models. Reports can also be standardized to ensure communication is clear and accessible to all users within the project team.

Open File
Is an intuitive tool that links additional information, such as supporting drawings, manuals, specifications and any other related documentation, with their Navisworks® models. Once mapped, users can retrieve this information when required.

Color Code
Color Code Reporting provides a live visual analysis of project status based on data and information that is collected externally or in the field. Connecting to many external data sources (through Excel®, Access® and ODBC), Color Code Reporting applies custom conditions and queries to provide a visual presentation and reports of what is happening on the project, enhancing communication to all team members.

Clash Tools
Complementing Navisworks® Clash Detection, this tool improves the efficiency of managing clash results; through isolation of clashes in particular sections of a model by clash status or level. It can save many man-hours by prioritizing clashes by count, so objects with the highest clash counts can be investigated first. Communication to project teams on clash information can be exported to Excel® or efficiently managed through ReviewTRACK.

ReConstruct is an innovative and powerful
tool providing the flexibility to reorganize
the structure of models to suit specific requirements or project standards, regardless of the design software used. ReConstruct provides a cleaner display of data from some of the common industry exchange formats like IFC and PDMS. ReConstruct also allows users to select a property by which to group by and export a restructured nwd file. This option can ignore hidden geometry and create ‘crops’ of models, or merge the contents of groups to reduce the number of objects in the model.

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